The opportunities on offer to communicate globally are now vast and varied, but nothing has fundamentally changed in the role of PR: the need to reach our audience, to educate, to inform, to put out the fires, and crucially, to manage reputation. It’s the way we choose to do this that makes all the difference.

My sole aim is to help you – whether as an individual or business – to promote and manage your reputation through positive communication and creative strategic solutions.

The secret of success? Stay in the now, learn from the past, live in the future!

“As a general rule the more exceptional people you have around your business the more successful you are likely to be. Sally is simply that – exceptional at what she does.” Neil Alexander, Group MD, Greystone Financial Services

“Never afraid to challenge and always keen to push the envelope on one hand, Sally is acutely conscious of brand reputation and how to build, manage and preserve it on the other.” Stuart Leeming, Consultant, International Education

“Working with Sally-Anne has been a joy, her professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity have guided us through a rebrand of our Trust and our Schools. Simply outstanding!” Linda Magrath OBE, Executive Head & CEO of Laurus Trust

“From a technical perspective Sally has produced scientific blogs from scraps of notes which I literally had to “tick off”. I can’t recommend Sally more, personable, dedicated and brilliant.” Will Crandle, CoFounder and CEO, Horsefly Analytics

“I first met Sally in 2003. Her depth of knowledge is immense. This is someone who has the finger literally on the pulse. Very supportive, innovative and honest (sometimes blatantly) which makes Sally the true professional she is.” Salim Uddin-Khandakr, Director, Glossy Magazine