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Five Top Tips for Delivering Excellence As An In-House Marketer

As a reputation management consultant, the art of delivering excellence to clients is not only about interpreting their needs, creating conceptual ideas and suggesting ways to incorporate these into their marketing strategy, it's about collaboration with those you trust to help you on the journey.

This is the same for all of us who work solo, or need to buy in expertise as an in-house marketer, and so here are my five top tips on how to choose those successful partnerships.

Understanding Your Social Media Market in 2017

A presentation I gave to marketers in education recently highlighted the fact that social media communication targeting is becoming ever more fragmented as the new generation begin to dictate their preferred methods of social communication.

Marketers who are using social as a conduit to capture the attention of their target markets generally have an informed understanding of the demographic audiences of the established sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, those working in sectors such education and retail who are wanting to attract and capture the attention of a younger audience, are observing a shift in social as the Z Generation (those born after 2002) lean towards newer – and often more private – social channels such as Snapchat and mobile messengers such as WhatsApp and Allo.

Five Top Tips For Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign

This article was originally commissioned by MTM Consulting, January 2017

What’s the secret behind a successful marketing campaign? The formula is simple: a great idea, careful research and planning, realistic objectives, and the management of the campaign itself.

However, this process has become slightly more muddied amid the myriad of online social platforms now available to us. We know we should be taking advantage of the opportunities these bring, but it is all to easy to get bogged down with the detail and so here are my top five tips for creating and managing a successful campaign. The article was aimed at the education sector, but works equally well across other markets.

Will Twitter Survive in 2017?

Yes, if Ed Sheeran has anything to do with it!

With the company yet to make a profit, Twitter’s 2016 Q4 results  due to be published on 9 February – are eagerly anticipated by those parties interested in its survival, no doubt anxious to hear if the new set of changes introduced last year has made a positive impact on the company’s financial performance.

Primarily these changes were designed to assist in the expansion of the 140 character limitations without damaging the ‘Tweet integrity’ of this 10-year-old social media platform. Personally I thought this was a clever work around and suspect CEO Jack Dorsey could simply have been testing market reaction when the suggestion of expanding to 10,000 characters was bandied about.

“But with the power houses of Alphabet Inc, Microsoft and Facebook all snapping at Twitter’s ankles, how can it hope to survive now all bids for acquisition appear to be off the table?”

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