BRAND's 4 Ps of Crisis Management

Prepare, Plan, Prevent and Protect

Managing your reputation is not complex, it’s purely a matter of ensuring you have an instantly accessible process in place, along with the ability to activate it at a moment’s notice.

Brand equity and corporate reputation have become critical assets in supporting an orgainsation’s overall business goals and it is crucial that these are protected.

The continual emergence and rapid growth of social networks has seen a power shift from brands to consumers, who now have unprecedented freedom to express their views online. And it’s not just the external world watching your reputation plummet overnight instantly shattering confidence, your people and stakeholders will feel vulnerable too.

Digital Impact

Everything Has Changed
Nothing Has Changed

This session explores both current and future trends emanating from the corporate and retail world, and how we can tap into their ideas to create imaginative and cost effective recruitment campaigns which both excite your influencers and attract new audiences.

We look at what influences today's audiences; how data analysis is more important than ever, but why it is also essential to combine findings with human expertise. 

How Safe Are You In The Cloud?

Recent high profile breaches have given rise to anxiety and trust issues around the robustness of cloud-based services.

The vast majority of us and other organisations now use a cloud-based service such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft. As a result it means that all of this data will be processed and stored by any one of these companies with the huge responsibility that goes with it to keep our data secure.

Beware Big Data!

With the latest research estimating that the value of the big data and technology services market will have increased to $66.79 billion by 20211, how can we protect our online reputations, along with those of our children.

We now have endless complimentary social media platforms to choose from, but nothing is for free, the payoff is 'they' own your information and this is an extremely valuable commodity.

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