Private Client - Keith Jones

Private Client - Keith Jones

VC/Angel Investor/Mentor

My services were recommended to Keith by one of his colleagues who had attended a business lunch at which I spoke. The topic was the importance of online reputation management whether a business or a private individual. For the last six years, Keith has retained my services on a consultancy basis, managing various aspects of his business activities, meeting on a regular basis.

Details of any work I undertake for private clients remains confidential.

The Feedback

I initially engaged Sally to provide an honest appraisal of the JobsTheWord online presence and to make recommendations for improvements and development of the Brand. I can only describe what I got back as first class in every respect. I suppose the ultimate acid test of any service provider is 'would I buy again'? I have; Sally is one of my Go-To people for advice!

By emphasising and re-emphasising the strengths of our pupils at all times, our communications strategy enabled us to lead rather than simply follow the crowd. PR and communications were not an add-on extra, as I have seen so often elsewhere, but became an integral and vital part of what MGS is, captured with élan, flair, zest and a sense of immense fun.

Dr Christopher Ray
High Master, The Manchester Grammar School (2004-2013)

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